Pick 'n Pay Clothing x JULIA

The fashion industry is in the midst of a significant transformation, with a strong emphasis on promoting local talent and satisfying the increasing customer demand for South African-made clothing. Responding to this shift, Pick n Pay Clothing has introduced the Futurewear Programme; a series of partnerships with emerging local designers. Led by Hazel Pillay, Head of Clothing at Pick n Pay, and renowned fashion designer Gavin Rajah, the programme serves as an incubator for nurturing talent. It aims to refine the creative processes of designers and firmly establish their brands within the South African market.

JULIA was the first brand to participate in this programme, and has consistently delivered successful collections for two successive years. Today, Julia Buchanan takes great pride in her role as a mentor within this growing initiative.  



Borne from the unique circumstances of the COVID-19 lockdown, JULIA introduced a compelling series of discussions called the In Conversation Series. These conversations bring together entrepreneurs and business owners from various corners of the creative industry in South Africa, spanning the realms of fashion, food, and art.

Throughout these engaging dialogues, Julia and the speakers discuss the intricacies of the challenges these business owners face, gain insight into their audience engagement strategies, and uncover their top business tips.
Speakers include Gavin Rajah, Sarah Barnes, Alice Toich, Amy Ayanda, and more. Click here to enjoy these discussions on Instagram!